Robservations for June 10, 2021

10 Jun

This is the third version of Robservations that I am attempting to write for this week. My mind is all over the place as Fauci has been caught lying about pretty much eve-rything but the media is trying to cover it up and distract us.
And I can’t understand locally with so many of us being vaccinated, why all the masks still? Doesn’t the vaccine do any-thing to protect us? Makes no sense to me but I am not a government paid health official.
This whole pandemic thing has really opened my eyes to the fact that most peo-ple will believe almost anything they see in the media and no amount of actual facts can change our beliefs. We love people with titles attached to them. We believe politicians are smarter than us and follow whatever they say. To me it is strange.
Well Robert Dunn, B. SC. Biology/Biochemistry is sticking with a healthy life-style to build a strong immune system to fight off any and all viruses, new or novel or whatever they want to label it with. Vita-mins C and D. Zinc. Water. Rest. Healthy food choices. No tobacco or alcohol. Fresh air and walking. So much more.
We are all responsible for our own health. We all have free will to make the choices that are best for ourselves (we should have anyways). Compromising our own health and beliefs to satisfy the fears of others just makes little sense to me. Espe-cially when nearly every ‘authority’ figure has been caught not following any of their own rules.