Robservations for June 3, 2021

3 Jun

We all need to find joy in this world. For me, it is pretty fluid as lots of things can bring me joy at any given moment. Fishing is right up there. Just getting onto a lake safely with no issues is a wonderful experi-ence. Actually catching a fish is extremely joyful.
Watching things grow is a new joy for me. Gardening. Who would have thought? But it is incredible how a tiny seed can grow into so much food. I really love fresh peas. I have to give God credit for all of that stuff. Pretty crafty.
These beautiful dogs living with me give me a lot of joy. I have always loved dogs but Watson made me realize I thrive with a dog in my life. Rocky and Drew are so full of love. It feels great returning the love.
Giving and receiving provides lots of joy. I have been incredibly blessed living in In-vermere and the Columbia Valley. This place has a huge heart and helps heal.
Slowing down and noticing the amazing things around me makes me feel joy. Flow-ers, trees, mountains, streams, lakes, chil-dren laughing and so much more. Being mindful of life is joyful.
Find the things that bring you joy and get connected with those things. Life is better if you have some happiness.