Robservations for May 27, 2021

27 May

We live in strange times. If you are to ask
a question about something that really
makes no sense, you are considered a
“Conspiracy theorist’ who is crazy and
must believe in lizard people. That is an
insane attitude.
So many facts are out there but if it is
against what the lady on the TV show told
you, it cannot be correct.
I am well aware that I go against the main
narrative even though I do still hear it. Repetitively
from almost everyone who
watches the news. This is a ‘novel’ virus,
not a new one, hahaha.
Anyways, I will continue to question the
things that really make no sense. I have
done that through my health journey and
here I am, doing way beyond anyone’s
expectations. I will continue to do what I
feel is right for my health as I would love to
squeeze a bunch more years out of this
life. Got a kidney?
These two dogs have been an amazing
addition to the program. Losing Watson
was tough beyond imagination. I still quickly
tear up when I relive that moment of
seeing him beyond life. It was very traumatic.
But Rocky and Drew are so full of
love and are already clearly happy to be
around me. They make me feel great.
They are both very handsome and have
distinct little personality traits. It is fun getting
to know them.
I hope everyone out there gets to explore
and experience the unfaltering love of a
dog (or even a cat haha).