Robservations for May 20, 2021

20 May

The May Long Weekend is upon us. It
came quickly this year. I wonder what it will
look like in the valley this year. Last year
things were still pretty busy all through the
summer but the news keeps telling people
about travel restrictions. What is essential?
Only they can tell us.
Please enjoy your long weekend and of
course, let others enjoy theirs. I am not in
a position to determine what is essential
for others and they are not in a position to
judge my actions. It is pretty simple. Be
kind and helpful to everyone.
For many folks, getting out here and enjoying
Heaven on Earth is the most important,
essential thing in their lives for several
I hope a lot of you are getting out camping
at some of the local sweet spots. Camping
is a favourite activity for me. It goes well
with fishing. I don’t get out much anymore
but I hope that you do. Enjoy fresh air,
sunshine, peaceful quiet, wildlife, campfires
and more. That is part of the beauty
of this valley.