Robservations for May 13, 2021

13 May

It is a lot easier to write when I am happier. An extension of that thought is that it is a lot easier to write first thing in the morning before I have turned on any news or inter-net streams. My own personal life seems a lot happier than the overall world picture.
Dog kisses really help! This morning, 5 am was Drew’s time of choice. Rocky was still sleeping. Drew basically just pins me down and starts licking my face. Some people don’t like that. I am not some people. I love it because it is just full of love. Maybe I will wash my face later.
I was definitely slacking off on walking once Watson passed away. He used to get me out there lots. It was affecting my strength quickly. Already I am feeling bet-ter from more fresh air, more love and more contact with nature, thanks to God. A 6 am walk is usually a very peaceful, mind-ful walk with just a couple moments of dealing with dog poop.
I don’t think I really missed the dog poop thing. My math is sketchy but it seems like with two dogs I have twice as much poop to pick up.
Anyway, a great way to change your life is to rescue a dog. I have now been blessed with this project twice. Imagine the fresh air and exercise along with sunrises, sun-sets, starry evenings and more.