Robservations for May 6, 2021

6 May

I have heard it said that grief is really love
that has nowhere to go. Ten years ago, I
would not have understood about dogs
and love but I have sure been grieving the
loss of Watson. I have had a huge whole in
my heart.
I think I have filled it. Watson will tell you
about it but I have found a couple new
friends. Very sweet and loving friends.
They have come from Port Hardy on the
northern tip of Vancouver Island. It was
quite the journey to recover them. That
was some long distance driving as I am
limited with time due to needing to get
home for dialysis.
We met in Nanaimo with a 12 hour journey
ahead of us. Thanks to Tracy for the help
with the driving and dog loving.
It was nice to see my brother and sister-inlaw,
John and Joan. They are animal lovers
and were able to help with arrangements.
The ferry trip was nice also. I attended
University of Victoria so we did a
few ferry adventures back in the day. I
have not travelled much since dialysis so I
was very happy at how smoothly it went.