Robservations for April 22, 2021

22 Apr

I go through this part of the adventure every
week. What are my latest Robservations?
I have many, but some of them are
so contradictory to what some people believe
that it is not really a great idea to
place them here.

We all process a lot of information every
day without ever really thinking about it.
Some of our sources are very different
from each other so some of the information
really conflicts. We all live in a different

I will keep this week pretty light as I have a
few different things happening in my world.
I pray that everyone is keeping their health
throughout all of this business and that any
decisions you make are based on
knowledge and confidence.

My thoughts are still with Watson constantly.
It is hard to get over that final vision of
him, even after years of incredible adventures.
God must have felt that Watson’s
job was done here. I was rescued and had
learned what it means to be truly, undeniably
loved for just being me. That was incredible.
But now I am sad.

I have some wonderful, loving, giving, caring
people in my life and that has made a
huge difference lately. It helps me get
through the nearly one thousand hours/
year I spend stuck on the dialysis machine.
I still have a very tough health/medical
journey ongoing and ahead of me but good
friends make it worth the effort.