Robservations for April 15 2021

15 Apr

I will just toss a couple of general things at
you this week. First and foremost, I really
miss Watson. He was my ticket into many
lovely interactions with people. Almost
everyone enjoyed meeting him and the
way he would come up barking loudly but
then switch to these cute moaning sounds
was very endearing.
Evenings and bedtimes are very lonely
and a lot of my inspiration to just get out
the door for a walk or even a fishing adventure
has left me. Losing that much love
that quickly has left quite the emptiness in
my soul.
I would love another dog, something that I
never thought would be part of my life but
Watson sure changed my mind on that
one. The thing is I need a kidney first. I
had Watson well before kidney failure and
cancer so we spent a lot of time on bonding
adventures. By the time I became sick,
we knew we were together. That is an issue
with a new dog. I am on a dialysis
machine for hours every second day. A
new dog would end up bonding with Kootenay
Kritters more than myself. That does
not seem fair to the dog.
I actually have been referred to the transplant
teams in Vancouver as I have managed
to get through the initial screenings.
There may be a time when I just
‘disappear’ from the valley for a month or
two and return with a kidney and no dialysis.
God I pray for that and so does the
awesome dog that I would then be able to
share my heart with.