Robservations for April 8 2021

8 Apr

I suspect that reading The Valley Peak helps you realize that some people think very differently than others. Each issue gives you an idea of what is going on in my brain at any given time. Obviously I see a lot of different information than some people and this past week there are plenty of lockdown thoughts.

I wonder how long this all goes on before people realize that it will be never-ending with new (oops, ‘novel’) variants appearing and new ‘vaccines’ needed every few months. I see thousands of doctors around the world speaking out and wonder about our local doctors. I see millions of protesters around the world being hidden by media. Did you see all the police in France through down their handcuffs in solidarity with the people? Probably not but it is easy to find if you want to look.

I see so many other health issues not being dealt with properly. I see our officials breaking all of their rules for us. I see many people take off their masks only when someone else tells them it is okay to. I see people breaking some rules while expecting others to follow other rules.

None of that makes sense to me and I do not like it. I am willing to openly discuss it and I know a few disagree wholeheartedly. But I also know that many do agree and contact me privately. If only we all stood up instead of letting things happen and hoping something might change eventually.