Robservations for April 1 & 7, 2021

1 Apr

I am getting knots in my stomach when I think about writing the paper this week. I just cannot get over my life without Wat-son. He was the reason I walked out the door nearly every single day. He kept my heart full and my soul healthy. Fresh air and exercise every single day. Even walk-ing to the Free Food Pantry down the block has become more of a chore than a pleasure. I have started to gain a bit of weight already.
Thinking about Watson’s Waddle terrorizes me every week. I have no idea what will come out of my heart until I am actually channeling his thoughts onto paper for you. Everything I am seeing and doing brings back memories. He had this way of always keeping me in his focus while actu-ally ignoring me. He was so smart, yet stubborn, that it was hilarious to predict his next move.
And his bark. His bark was so powerfully annoying. Full-bodied and deep. I have yet to hear another bark like that. I have really come to appreciate all the videos and pho-tos that Jen of Kootenay Kritters takes of her animals. It has been nice seeing Wat-son in action in so many different scenari-os. The one of him waking up destroys me as it is just typically who he was. You can find it on youtube.