Robservations for March 18 2021

25 Mar

Apparently, Watson has always been by
far the best writer in The Valley Peak.
Many people went to his article first each
week. So far, his faithful readers seem to
want him to somehow continue with his

I am really missing him every day. We did
everything together so nothing seems the
same. It was so easy to be sitting on the
computer and look over at him and ask
him what he was thinking about each
week. He always had something on his
mind, even if it was only how much he
wanted another nap. Those big brown
eyes told a story every time.

Watson still speaks to me a lot. Especially
to my heart. He had this way of adding
love to every situation. More love than I
could ever imagine. And he did it to many
other people as well. The notes and conversations
of condolences have been wonderful.
So many people seem to have specific
little fond memories of that handsome,
lovable Bassett hound.

This week Watson will paws over the keyboard
to Maya, his best canine friend.

They did a lot together these past couple
of years. She always gave up the most
space in the back seat to him. He was
proud of that.