Robservations for March 18 2021

18 Mar

I have been really thinking about gardening
this year. Last year was my first real go
at it thanks to a raised bed in the
Groundswell Community Garden program.
It was a great learning experience.
So this year I have been debating, “do I dig
up a piece of yard and plant a garden?’ or
‘do I just fill bins and boxes with soil on the
deck?’ That was yesterday. This morning I
found a very affordable little greenhouse.
Now the same question. Dig up the ground
or use boxes?
I was never really a big fan of many vegetables
while growing up. Mom did a great
job of putting them on our plates. I may
have been a bit neglectful through the
years on my own. But now, healthy eating
seems to be much more important. And I
did really enjoy growing and eating fresh
veggies last year. Especially peas.
God did give us all this food available as
the fruits of our labour. It is incredible how
a tiny seed can produce so much.
Now I am actually laying out a veggie floor
plan in my brain. It is going to be quite the
learning adventure. I do foresee quite a bit
of startup labour involved and will be open
to advice and assistance.