Robservations for March 11, 2021

11 Mar

The Valley Peak is a bit of a tough adventure
this week. Nothing compared to the
sadness and shock of losing Watson last
week, but I am still quite depressed and
I have been blessed with an outpouring of
lots of love from the community. Apparently
that old hound had reached into a lot of
hearts through the years. He was a handsome
thing and by far the best writer in
The Valley Peak.
I never thought that I could be a dog owner
but I sure grew into it quickly. I thank God
for the experience and for the support of
Kootenay Kritters. I could not have done it
without Jen to take care of Watson while I
was on dialysis. She has been incredibly
dedicated to Watson for more than 2
Watson really rescued me from an irrelevant
life. He gave me love and made me
love him. We changed the world for the
better for each other and for many people
that we bumped into. Watson drew a smile
from almost everyone,
My life is now very different. I can move
around much quicker and easier but my
heart is so much emptier. I am anticipating
an easier time fishing and camping, but so
much lonelier. I am already gaining weight
as I have no one to give that last bite to.
It is hard to imagine another blessing as
great as Watson was for me. God used
him to show me what pure love looked and
felt like. Thanks Watson.