Robservations for March 4, 2021

5 Mar

This is a tough issue to write. It has been a hectic week with a huge life change. A quick reminder to appreciate every second with everyone and everything that you love. Things can happen in an instant. But I will let Watson tell you about all of that. It is quite the story that has broken my heart and may hurt yours.

We must never forget the blessings that are all around us.

For myself, I went for the initial bloodwork for a kidney transplant ‘workup’. I also had to go for a chest xray and an ECG. It was pretty nerve-wracking. I am used to blood-work but this had a bit more meaning.

For a transplant, my heart must be healthy. Many kidney patients die of heart-related deaths. Some transplants end up doing some damage to other organs.

If things do play out, then I will be hoping to find a living donor for a kidney. I think I may have an offer but the more the merrier. Sometimes it is tough to find a match. And really, there are many others in the Kootenays who could use a gift like that. I wish there were as many with one to spare.

I am right at my 2 year anniversary of hemodialysis at home. Every second day spending hours in a hospital-like setting in my home. Anyone is welcome to visit any-time.

I hope March brings everyone sunshine, health, joy and love.