Robservations for February 25, 2021

25 Feb

I wish there were more positive things happening in the valley, but it just is not so. I have had a pretty amazing winter of get-ting out ice fishing and working on my health. Home dialysis is the biggest contra-diction I can imagine. It totally sucks that I have to do it every second day but I am so blessed to be able to do it every second day. Especially here at home. I do wish that more people would stop in and check it out to see what it actually involves. It is quite interesting. Thanks to those that do visit. Thank you muchly.

I have received another Pen Pal letter through the CBAL program. It is nice reply-ing to a young person’s efforts. I am sure they are enjoying the replies. Contact Sandy at CBAL for a very easy way to do a good thing. She has plenty of letters from children just waiting for a response.

I loved seeing a busy community on the Family Day weekend. Lake Windermere was fantastic with hundreds of people ski-ing, skating, walking, biking, ice fishing and just generally enjoying life. Lots of fresh air and lots of smiles. I really hope no one gets sick as very few were social distancing or wearing masks. I will try not to live in fear about it.

I have received a couple stories from local seniors to publish. I am pretty happy about getting them reconnected to our community. Watson and I really miss those visits into the long term care facilities.
I hope you enjoy this week’s issue. Whether you agree with my opinions or not.