Robservations for February 18, 2021

18 Feb

This has been a crazy week in my world. Not that many of them are very normal. There are a lot of things going on these days.

If course I am very worried and sad about Watson. Ever since the deer stomping, he has been deteriorating. At 13 years old, that is a tough recovery for a dog. WE have a surgery planned this week. I am praying.

I chatted with my Mom the other day. She is nearly 90 years old and very concerned about the virus. She cannot wait to get a vaccine and firmly believes that I should be at the front of the line with my health is-sues.

Sadly, I disagree. The vaccines are causing more and more deaths and illnesses every day that are not being reported. I know there was a time that vaccines did plenty to change society but this one seems different.

My education taught me that changing gene sequences will actually cause an auto-immune syndrome and the body will attack its own cells. Maybe this has some-how changed but I will wait quite a while to see what sort of side effects are coming out. We all make choices.

Every week I try to ignore all the changing rules that make no sense. I am trusting my own brain and body to make the decisions that are best for me.
Every time the phone rings I wonder if it is good or bad. I get a great mix of calls. I am very thankful for the growing number of people showing support. It is important.