Robservations for February 11, 2021

11 Feb

What is my position on this planet? Why
has God placed me here? I have been
contemplating and asking that question a
bit more than usual lately.

I have taken a pretty tough hit with the
kidney failure/bone marrow cancer thing. It
has changed everything, including my circle
of friends. Many have no concept of
what I go through daily to keep things ticking
and for some, I guess any health issue
is uncomfortable. But I have found a whole
new circle of support.

I was able to write very openly about my
health journey and always thought that
was my ministry. But that is old news now,
other than hoping for a kidney transplant

Standing up for my truths, my opinions and
my rights seems to be part of my current
adventure. It is a scary thing to do but it
feels very satisfying to actually critically
think things through and make my own
decisions based on what I consider to be
the facts. It is likely never exactly the same
as everyone else’s thoughts, but that is of
no matter really.

Lately I seem to be getting pushed into just
helping people directly. Many, many people
in this community have helped me (and
continue to do so). It took a huge change
to be able to accept help with dignity but I
am over that now.

But yeah, you will notice more and more
writings about trying to set up food programs.
I guess my current ministry involves
writing truths and supporting those
in need, both involving The Valley Peak.
Join me.