Robservations for February 4, 2021

4 Feb

This column is basically about my thoughts
throughout the past week. What is happening
in my life? What is happening in our
community or even the world around us?
Well, what are my thoughts about what is
happening, anyways?

Last week was a very powerful week for
me. I have never received so many emails
thanking me for standing up and writing
about my beliefs. It is nice to hear from so
many open, free-thinkers who read The
Valley Peak. It is nice to know that there
are actually a lot of people with a lot of
questions about what is happening around
us. I have realized that none of us think
exactly the same way as we are all getting
information differently, but many of us
have similar thought processes.

I have been attending the ‘Freedom Rallies’
on occasion. I want to know what they
are about. It is interesting to hear why
each of them is questioning the things happening
around us. It is a great mix of people.
A retired cop, a pastor, business owners,
grandmothers and even a ‘scientist’ or
two. Several members speak of neardeath
experiences and really celebrate the
freedoms of life.

I am always glad to see a couple RCMP
monitoring the situation, making sure
things don’t get out of hand. I think that is a
pretty high priority these days.
I am always interested in the articles and
notes from people who tell us how bad
these people are without ever actually engaging
any one of them in a conversation.
Just that all-knowing judgement, typical of
today’s society.

Well, those thoughts went a bit sideways. I
hope everyone has a nice week and remember
that in Canada, everyone used to
have the right to have an opinion.