Robservations for January 28, 2021

28 Jan

I love putting Watson to bed. I love taking Watson for walks and giving him dinner or treats. Apparently, I really love Watson. I think he has taught me a lot about love. It seems he loves me back.

Putting him to bed is such a pleasure. He is a big cuddler and a big moan and groaner. I have a king-size bed and he gets on there diagonally and squishes me into a corner. I snuggle up and scratch his neck and behind his ears. We both love it.

Sometimes I think I will just let him fall asleep and then I will sneak off and do a bit more writing. I usually come to about 3 hours later with a few lights and the computer still on in the other room. It is just so comforting laying there.

I have to say that he gets me through a lot of depression. He is just always there, always happy to see me or be near me. I never thought that a dog would fit into my life but now I see how selfish and wrong that was. Watson has been worth every bit of change in my lifestyle.

He has gotten me out of many awkward activities as he can need a walk at any time. And those walks are so cleansing for my brain as well. It is just nice to get out and enjoy the beauty around us, including the amazing night skies.

So yeah, if you are lonely, or needing love, check out getting a pet. Or at least go do some volunteer stuff with ICAN and feel some love while helping animals.