Robservations for January 21, 2021

21 Jan

This is a crazy time for everyone. There are so many emotions happening. I myself am having a tough time of it. The past week has been all over the place for me with my own stuff, let alone what is happening around me.

I cry a lot. Waiting and wondering about my oncology news was brutal. They make me wait a month from bloodwork to appointment and now things are starting to get pushed back more and more. I do thank the Lord for the good news I received.

Watson is really showing his age lately. That deer-stomping in the yard took a lot out of him and he is starting to struggle to get up from his bed. His rear end is really weak and walking on the ice has been hurting him badly as well. He is making me cry about 10 times a day, including at this moment.

And then there is the world around us. Watching so much hate and fear amongst the population is very sad. We are so set in our opinions that many are alienating family and good friends. Every one of us sees things differently and has different truths and that is hard for us to understand. It is so sad that people cannot accept open discussions anymore, but hey, what can a person do?

We all need to remember that what we see and know may not really be the truth. Every once in a while we see something that does seem