Robservations for January 14, 2021

14 Jan

Censorship is really bumping up its presence in today’s society. It is becoming for-bidden to voice your own opinion if it is even slightly different than the main narrative. It is not a good thing.

So far I am very blessed to have built up The Valley Peak as my own platform to reach readers in the Columbia Valley and beyond. It eliminates a lot of the censor-ship factors.
I also know that my readership is intelligent enough to have their own thoughts and can look into things a bit deeper if they like. Plus I know that my clients are on top of things as well and can make the deci-sion to support The Valley Peak if they like.

I do receive the occasional email from an offended reader but often they have taken on a different interpretation of my writing than intended. Mostly I am just trying to get folks to think about things. I get many more comments of support as many people do have a few questions about the things happening around us.

I do enjoy a bit of bantering so don’t hesitate to send off a note with your concerns (or support) but please realize that I do see all the news so try to come up with some-thing other than repeating their talking points. You may even get an invite to come sit with me during dialysis and have a bit of a debate.
Carry on folks. Be true to your beliefs.