Robservations for January 7, 2021

7 Jan

We have all made different New Year’s resolutions through our lives. Get more exercise, eat healthy, rest properly, etc. You know, the healthy things that would help us stay healthier and live longer, virus or not.

I have been blessed to get cancer and kidney failure and to have to deal with that. The best way to deal with it is to rebuild my immune system. So I am in pretty good shape for things like viruses and I hope most of you are making the effort to be strong and healthy.

So health is not my resolution this year. More self-awareness is my plan. As it turns out I push away a few friends with my mean, sarcastic humour. I think I am being funny but often, I am just being insulting and tough to be around.

I am well-aware of this trait but have yet to get it under control without just not talking at all.

I was invited for a round of golf last fall but told that I could only come if I did not insult one of the players. Basically it was 4 hours of me not talking much and holding my tongue as they all threw insults at me.

I was kind of raised that your close friends are the ones that you do enjoy joking and insulting as they already know you love and care about them. It seems that not everyone grew up the same way.

Anyways, that is what I shall work on for the first few hours of this year, hahaha. Let’s hope for an amazing 2021.