Robservations for December 10, 2020

10 Dec

Tough times require tough people. I am having a tough time putting all my thoughts into words these days as so many people take everything personally. And very few are thinking the same way that I do but some are (thankfully).

I cannot understand why there are so many irregularities in the rules and regula-tions for covid. More than 90% of Canadi-an deaths have been in long term care facilities so locking down a bunch of small businesses makes no sense and will solve nothing. Maybe taking a look at the poli-cies in these centres might have a more useful effect on lowering the deaths.

I cannot understand why most of the ‘advice’ given by our health officials is the exact opposite of what we all have known our whole lives regarding immune systems and viruses. Isolating, sanitizing and mask-ing are all things that will weaken your immune system.

I wonder why there is not much sound advice, such as get healthier through exer-cise, vitamins, eating properly, resting, fresh air and that sort of thing. Our bodies have internal ‘masks’ called the immune system and it is very effective.

I wonder why the media is convincing us to take a vaccine that is said to be 95% effec-tive (totally not possible) versus counting on our immune systems at more than 99% effective. Seems like it will lower our chances of surviving this by 4%. Strange world isn’t it? I am just giving you a few things to think about. Take them or leave them.