Robservations for December 3, 2020

3 Dec

Obviously, I am not into the whole mask thing. I write about that quite a bit.

With my health issues, I have exemptions for my cancer as it causes low hemoglobin and low red blood cells. That already limits the oxygen getting to my cells and organs. A properly worn mask will cause issues with air and oxygen intake. Surgeons have oxygen levels loaded in procedure rooms.

With my kidney failure, my body fills with toxins and wastes very quickly. My blood-work looks very different in a single day. My organs are fighting toxins all day and I cannot afford to breathe in high levels of carbon dioxide, a waste product that is removed by our lungs.

I have also been hospitalized with pneu-monia twice in the past year and that makes me very susceptible to bacterial lung infections, something that masks are known to elevate.

So where does that leave me currently? Well, believe me, I hate going to get gro-ceries and feel like everyone thinks I am a ‘spreader’. I try to go fairly late when the stores are quite empty or I have a friend pick up a loaf of bread for me.

More importantly, I work hard at trying to be kind and understanding to the folks working and doing their jobs as directed. They do not need any external negativity in their lives. None of us do. So regardless of where you stand on this, do your best to just be kind.