Robservations for November 26, 2020

26 Nov

Life is pretty interesting these days. Obviously, if you are a reader, you know that I have a few doubts about many aspects of this virus, including how the media is covering it. Fear and stress are huge killers in our society. We all deal with these things differently.

Due to my open resistance to comply or my belief in some ‘conspiracy’ truths, I get the occasional push back. And the push backs can come in very different forms.

I am not quite willing to let the government tell me how to breathe, who I can eat with, talk to, visit with or whatever. It seems like a bit of an infringement on my rights. Apparently many folks believe that I will be killing grandma, but so far, I am not really seeing that happen. Are you?

Anyways, I really appreciate those that come at me with a decent, casual attitude that leads to some open discussions. I am very willing to listen to other’s points of view, even if some are regurgitating the news, as long as they are willing to hear a few of my points. It is fun.

Anyone who wants to come for a visit and discuss any of our thoughts, I would welcome it during any dialysis session (every other day). I do enjoy learning and I do enjoy open debating.

Also everyone, please stay civil to the workers and businesses that are forced to enact these rules to survive.