Robservations for November 19, 2020

19 Nov

There is a lot of negativity and division in our world lately. Both locally and on a much larger scale. Obviously I am a part of that as I go quite steady against the main narratives. I actually am sorry that I get some people worked up a bit but I am just so sad to see so much fear in people’s eyes. It is an awful way to live.

But enough of that. We are coming into our holiday season and all this stuff makes it very clear that anything can disappear quickly, including family gatherings. Or anyone’s life can change drastically very quickly.

With my health issues I have not been able to hook up with my family for anything for a long time and believe me, it is not really a great thing.

So please make sure you are celebrating and loving your family as much as possible every day. It is very easy to get frustrated with a sibling (or whoever) and carry a grudge to the extent of cutting off commu-nication. I do it. And it seems to feel all righteous and powerful for a bit.

But then you realize there is a void in your life. Pushing away someone who loves you will always leave a void.

So do your best to enjoy your moments with loved ones. You never know where things are going.