Robservations for November 12, 2020

12 Nov

So I see a crazy, growing trend of negativity in this world of ours. Of course there is all the stuff to the south and the polarity around that, but that is not what I am talk-ing about.

I guess I am basing my Robservations on the fact that every one of us seems to think we are perfect and superior to everyone else. I mean, me included but I sometimes try to hold back my obviously superior thoughts hahaha.

I was glancing at ‘Facebook Cheers and Jeers’ for a bit and that site blows my mind. Someone will put in a jeers and the world explodes with negativity, either in favour or against the jeers. So many people want to chime in with their thoughts on how terrible someone is, all of them think-ing they are actually relevant and adding to the situation.

That seems to be the new norm. We try to make ourselves feel better by trying to make others feel worse. We want to feel superior and that requires some serious judging and complaining.

Let’s try to change that up a bit. It is okay to forgive someone who has made a mis-take. It is okay to be kind and help each other. It is okay to offer compliments and encouragement to someone. And it is okay to not participate when all the negative stuff is happening.