Robservations for November 5, 2020

5 Nov

So I am not always the most inspired or
energetic person when it comes to physical
duties. Procrastination really just becomes
laziness at some point.

So it seemed logical to leave the decorative
squash in my yard, even after it was
half-eaten by deer. I figured I could let
them enjoy it.

That turned out to be one of the biggest
mistakes in my life. That evening I heard
Watson barking and glance out the window.
He had charged the deer and momma
deer did not like it.

What I saw was horrible. Watson was on
his back on the ground and the deer was
not letting up. Stomp after stomp with Watson
yelping and trying to get away but he
was pinned.

I ran to the door, grabbed a cane, and
charged out. They were across the yard
but the deer looked up at me and Watson
broke away and ran towards me. But then
the mean demon deer chased him and
stomped him again from behind while I
was charging at it. She tore a huge chunk
of skin and flesh off of Watson (several
stiches and a drainage tube). He also has
a small laceration on his liver.

It has been an awful few days for me as
Watson is in a lot of pain and discomfort
causing a lot of tears. I cannot find the
resolve to forgive myself.