Robservations for October 22, 2020

22 Oct

This is a huge time of reminiscing for me. Three years ago was a serious time in my life. When my kidneys failed I was very near to death. Very near. Thanks to the quick work of the wise nurse in Invermere hospital I was able to get to the help I needed in time.

I have been glancing through issues from around that time and am finding it very emotional. This week’s ‘Watson’s Waddle’ is copied from the first issue I wrote after falling sick. That poor old hound is still with me today. We have been through a lot together.

Reading this stuff has reminded of how blessed I am with all of the support I have received. Family and old friends gathered around me. It felt great although now that I write this I think they just all thought I was toast haha.

I had excellent support from friends and readers here in the Columbia Valley and I am still very grateful for that. I had not real-ized how embedded into this community I had become. It was nice.

It was so nice that I had to find a way to get back to living here. I tried a couple of systems, peritoneal dialysis, travelling to Cranbrook hospital three time weekly and finally settling on home hemodialysis. Out of more than a hundred hemo patients in the Kootenays, only four of us are able to do it at home, another blessing for sure. Your support helped me achieve that hope.