Robservations for October 8, 2020

8 Oct

It is Thanksgiving weekend, traditionally a
family get-together with a lovely meal. I am
very thankful to have been part of many of
those. I really hope that everyone gets at
least something special this weekend. I
wish everyone in this world could get a
healthy meal.

Speaking of healthy, I’m pretty thankful for
my health lately. Still not as strong as I
would like to be but much better than I
ever thought I would be. Having to do dialysis
to survive is a curse while getting to
do dialysis to survive is an incredible

Some strong people have come into my
life lately. Strong friends are very important
and I am thankful for these folks as many
others have faded away.

I am super excited about finally putting
together this old bus for some mobile dialysis.
Only a couple folks had any faith in
this project yet here we go. I am pretty
thankful that I have achieved this goal.
Anyways, find plenty to be thankful for.
Gratitude will bring you great happiness.
Also, give others reason to be thankful.
That will also fill you with joy.