Robservations for October 1, 2020

1 Oct

As always, this is a tough column to get on paper. My brain is in constant motion and there are so many things that I want to talk about but so much of it is very touchy subjects in today’s world.

I am very grateful to all the folks who email and call me to say they agree with my opinions 100% and are thankful that I have been willing to speak out a bit. The call this morning said he hoped that one day I would really let loose.

I also enjoy the opposing views that I receive. They often come in a harsher, more-insulting format, but not always. But they bring about a bit of discussion and ignite some thought processes in my brain so it is a good thing.

I meet a lot of folks who have very strong feelings about things but feel that their professional or work life would be negatively affected if they spoke up a bit more often. That is too bad that we have to be afraid of having an open opinion.

People are afraid of being attacked just for being honest. I have to admit that even I hold back a lot of thoughts. Sometimes it is just not worth being attacked over. The fact that you can be attacked for saying ’All Lives Matter’, which actually includes all people, is pathetic.