Robservations for September 24, 2020

24 Sep

We are approaching Thanksgiving, a time of giving thanks. For me, some gratitude every day is a better way to go. I have received and continue to receive a lot of support through my cancer and kidney failure. Without that support I would not likely be here

I would definitely not be in Invermere where there is no actual support for dialysis patients through the health system (other than bloodwork-our lab treats me well). I am lucky to not be in Cranbrook or Trail for treatments. I am one of only 4 people in all of the Kootenays doing this at home and I am the only one living alone. It is pretty important to have someone check on my well-being during dialysis sessions.

So I thank all those folks, including my new card partner/opponent. I also get some help with The Valley Peak with deliveries and a bit of writing. A shout out to my sum-mer student helpers, Kayla and Ben for taking care of downtown deliveries all sum-mer. There is also Sue, Charlie and Jen helping with that every week. And Dorothy proofing.
Thanks also to the folks delivering food, sometimes meals and other times fresh produce and to those supporting my efforts to mobilize dialysis.
Life is so much easier and more meaningful when we are helping and being helped by others. Being aware and grateful