Robservations for September 17, 2020

17 Sep

Mondays are not really my favourite day. For many of you it is the start of the work week which is not all that inspiring either.
For me it is the day I have committed to having the paper completed. It usually involves doing most of the writing and then putting it all together into the correct for-mat. I try to place all the ads on Sundays.

I always manage to get it all done but I find myself stressing a little bit. Plus it is a lousy day for Watson as he doesn’t get quite the same walks as usual. If Monday is also a dialysis day, it drags on forever.

When The Valley Peak was 12 pages, my friend used the term ‘suicide Monday’ as I was really stressed and hating life. A bit of self-awareness and here I am with 8 pages of writing, much nicer.

But Monday evenings, when all is said and done, bring a great feeling of accomplishment. As I finally send the file to the print-er, this week’s burden is lifted. That includes a nice dog walk.

Each completed article gives me satisfaction. It is what keeps this thing rolling. That and the comments from readers.
What things bring you satisfaction or feelings of accomplishment? I hope that you seek them often. To feel good is a good purpose to have.