Robservations for September 3, 2020

3 Sep

Just a couple random thoughts this week. Firstly, thanks to all of the support I get from my readers. I often wonder if I am doing the right thing when I write about some controversial topics. It is interesting because I will get one or two notes saying that I am a ‘science-denier’ or a ‘racist’ because I do not agree with everything happening in our world.

Am I afraid of the covid virus? No, not at all and I have at least 2 very serious underly-ing conditions. I would hope that sick people stay a bit isolated and that no one is coughing at each other. A lot of people are very afraid, due to what they see and hear on the television.
For me, my life is already restricted enough with cancer and kidney failure. I don’t really want any more unsocial distancing. I want my old crib partner back during my dialysis.

Statistics are now showing that deaths due to covid restrictions are up to 14 times more than deaths from covid, yet our ‘leaders’ keep adding restrictions. A total of 204 BC covid deaths so far compared to more than 150 other deaths every single day in the province.
I am a bit disappointed in the lack of critical thinking out there. Some things are so obviously corrupt and crazy but we still just follow along. The inconsistency and the hypocrisy is incredible. Sorry to bring that forward.