Robservations for August 27, 2020

27 Aug

I get so disappointed in myself almost eve-ry day. I flip on the computer and I see things that get me all worked up and I wonder how anyone could post or believe that. And then I carry that negativity with me for too long.

I write a lot about different opinions being okay but like most people, I have a tough time living true to my own words sometimes.

But I do have moments of self-awareness where I realize what I am doing and strive to correct it. The problem is my opinions are so different than so many others. And of course, I know that I am always 100% right (hahaha, just like everyone else), How dare someone doubt me?

I have received a couple notes from folks who disagree with my writings in the paper but a ton of notes and phone calls with those who agree. I thank both as one forces me into some open discussions and the other boosts my confidence a bit (sadly I am at least as vain as the next person).

I think this week I will stay away from any controversial issues and hope everyone has a nice, enjoyable read. Maybe I will try less computer time and more fishing. That always feels great. Or I can focus on get-ting my new old bus ready for some camp-ing and dialysis runs.
I hope you all have a great week.