Robservations for August 20, 2020

20 Aug

There is a lot of emotion involved in the life of a human. I know that I can get pretty emotional about many different things. If we could only really understand how our emotions affect our lives and learn to har-ness that concept, we would be living great lives.

Sometimes I find myself angry at things that have no meaning in my life. It is just me wanting to judge and feel superior. Often I miss a lot of good things because of the bad energy I am carrying with me.

Lately, with covid around, I see a lot of fear out there and I know how that can affect life. We all fear sickness and death whether it is warranted or not. But we often miss out on living because of our fear of dying.

Contentment is a pretty good emotion. I love the feeling of finishing dialysis or writ-ing the paper. Even better, the contentment from helping someone. It would be nice to feel that all day, every day.
How about love? I love a lot of things but I like to think I love most people, especially my friends and family, but I am not much of a ‘falling-in-love’ person. Love can bring a lot of pleasure but it often includes some pain. I guess I am very guarded. Although I love Watson to death.

But I do wish everyone would strive to love everyone else. Imagine a world where we all consider each other a friend and an ally and love them rather than considering everyone a competitor that must be judged and defeated. That would be a nice world.