Robservations for August 13, 2020

13 Aug

We are all individuals with different journeys behind us and before us. Our journey really helps us define who we are and what we believe. That is a reality of the human race.

So during times of uncertainty, such as now, many people become very passion-ate about their beliefs. It is difficult for any of us to understand why everyone does not think the same as we do.

So where do we go from there? Do we get frustrated and try to avoid hanging out with people with different opinions? If so, I would have very few people to hang out with. Most of my friends are on a way different page than I am.

Or we can try to ignore our opinions and just enjoy each other’s company, avoiding discussing anything that is oppositional. No one really wants to have an argument while out having fun with friends.

Or we can have open, honest discussions with our friends, making sure we are listen-ing as much as we are talking. We are all pretty firm in our beliefs but it never hurts to listen to another point of view. And we have to understand that every opinion is as valid as any other one. It can be tough.

It is very important to not just agree with something because other people are doing it. But it is also important to try to under-stand why they are doing it and accept that it is their journey, not yours. Spend your days being kind and understanding and your days will go much better.