Robservations for August 6, 2020

6 Aug

Here we are again, Robservations. Thanks for reading The Valley Peak. I know not everyone agrees with all my thoughts but at least some of them might get you think-ing about things a bit differently. I try not to be too offensive but at the same time I must be true to myself.
Are you true to yourself? Do you stand firm in what you believe? Or do you find it easi-er to just agree with the ‘popular’ opinion?
A huge problem with society is that a very small, very vocal group of people can cause a lot of fear and distress. Social justice warriors that are offended by pretty much everything that you have held as values your whole life. And they feel their opinions are much more valuable than yours.
Many people get bullied into changing their opinions as they are in fear. Fear of being ‘cancelled’ or ousted with some kind of ‘ism’ or ‘ist’ label.
But in reality, you will do much better if you stay true to yourself.
‘Get woke, go broke’ is a new common saying and you will see it happening lots as the silent majority supports those that stand up to the bullies and step away from those who bow down. Do not be afraid of who you are and what you believe in. You will live a better life.