Robservations for July 30, 2020

30 Jul

This is always a tough article to put on
paper. I have a lot of thoughts, mostly
about being kind, non-judgmental, helpful
and stuff like that. And I hope that most
people try to think about and perform those
kinds of things.

But I also have a lot of time sitting on a
dialysis machine with my computer as my
main source of information. A lot of what I
see really puzzles me. I cannot understand
why some people do what they do. Many
people are very unkind and are into tearing
down the world.

Anyways, I have touched on a couple topics
this week that may offend some of you
but in my brain, a very small percentage.
Most people can see that the stuff happening
around us is insane. But still, most people
are afraid to speak up. No one wants to
be called a racist so they just stay silent.
Don’t waste your time with facts, it is all
about feelings and being offended and that
is weak.

I do thank all the folks who send me emails
regarding their thoughts on this. Positive or
negative, it is all about learning, growing
and sharing opinions.