Robservations for July 23, 2020

23 Jul

I have a lot of thoughts throughout any
given week. It can be difficult to choose
just one or two to discuss here.
I will begin with this one: I am on dialysis
for several hours each week. During those
sessions I have a lot of time to scan
through the internet, especially Youtube.
This seems to present to me a lot of different
information than what is seen on the
news on TV.

So I carry a lot of different thoughts than
those folks who only have time for the TV
news broadcasts. A lot of different
thoughts. Being a critical thinker is pretty

There are some people out there who really
feel disrespected or offended if your
opinion is different than theirs. And depending
on what your source of news and
entertainment might be, there can be very
many different ideas out there.

Anyway, my main thought lately revolves
around kindness. Just imagine the difference
in a community if everyone strives to
be kind to each other. A bit of joy can
spread far and fast. I am not always as
kind as I should be but I am very aware of
the lousy feeling I get from being unkind. I
strive to do better each time.