Robservations for July 16, 2020

16 Jul

My opinions are not for you to be too concerned about. And vice versa. Apparently I can be a bit offensive at times. But these days there are a lot of people who are just looking for something to offend them. That is okay folks. It’s okay to be offended. Everyone needs a hobby.

But the thing is, just because you have offended me with your opinion does not mean that you have to change it. Not even close. It just means we have different thoughts on certain topics and hopefully that might lead to a positive, informative conversation.

Do I feel sorry if I have offended some-one? Not really. My life is way too short to waste energy on that business. Am I willing to be true to myself and my thoughts without worrying about being judged and maybe ‘cancelled’? I like to believe so.

Within each weekly issue I am trying to offer my thoughts on a couple more controversial issues out there. There is a huge silent majority in our population, afraid to speak their minds because someone might disagree and attempt to shame them or whatever.

You will likely read an article or two in any given issue that you might not agree with at all. But you might also find something that you agree with but have been afraid to discuss.
Stand true folks. Be honest, be kind. Don’t waste energy judging others or fearing being judged by others.