Robservations for July 9, 2020

9 Jul

We all have certain priorities in our lives. For me to put food on my table and pay rent, I have to make sure to get The Valley Peak written, printed and delivered. I have a pretty set schedule and I cannot miss my own deadline.

But things pop up on occasion that make it a bit tricky. Tomorrow is the Lions golf day at Copper Point and I have been invited by a friend. Free golf pushes aside a lot of priorities. Really, almost any round of golf calls on me to make adjustments.

I am up late tonight trying to get as much done as possible before tomorrow, my deadline day.

Fishing also seems to take priority over work quite often. I need the peace and quiet of a boat on a back country lake. But I still know when to get my work done.

Another huge priority for me is staying alive thorough dialysis. I have not missed a single session in the nearly 3 years since my kidneys failed. I don’t want to risk the heart attack from high toxins. Dialysis even beats out golf and fishing.
I hope everyone gets a chance to prioritize some fun things in their lives.