Robservations for July 2, 2020

2 Jul

Things are definitely picking up here in the valley. More and more businesses are open. There are a lot more people, both locals and guests, who are out and about. I like it. I like to see people smiling, chatting with each other, supporting businesses and just enjoying their lives.

The beaches are busy, as are the skate park, hiking and biking trails, even the fish-ing spots (lucky folks-I am stuck home writing today). The lake is getting quite busy as well.

I hope that everyone is getting along. Be-ing kind, loving and helpful feels so much better than arguing and judging, both in real life and on the computer. I know I feel better when I am sharing positive energy.

And like everyone, I do find myself being unkind sometimes. I always feel bad after-wards and wish I could go back and do it differently. I hope that bit of self-awareness helps me do better the next time.

A lot of our thoughts are based on our perceptions of what is happening around us and often we feel we need to provide our opinions of things that do not really affect us at all. My ego jumps in and I think I want to be in control. I imagine that I am quite annoying at that time.

So anyways, enjoy life and let others enjoy theirs.