Robservations for June 25, 2020

25 Jun

This ‘new normal’ really sucks. I am glancing at past issues and the end of June and start of July were always very busy times. The Valley Peak was full of live music events, markets, breakfasts, parades, fire-works, festivals and more.

The Columbia Valley was an incredible place to be with more and more great traditions that steered us towards our own little culture here. Life was about community, fellowship and celebrating together.

Canada Day was loaded with things to do in every community and I often had to pick and choose which events to attend. It was a wonderful problem to have.

Many visitors come to this valley every year to join in our celebrations. For such tiny communities we could put on some spectacular event thanks to the efforts of so many volunteers.

This year is quite a bit different. Many of us have no idea what, if anything, is happen-ing to celebrate the birth of Canada. We aren’t even really sure what we are allowed to do.

It seems that a lot of our heritage and history are being taken away from us right now. I would not be surprised if we never see much of it come back.

I would like to note here that Trudeau has actually said that it is not okay to celebrate Canada but it is still okay to go out and protest. He does not seem too interested in honouring our country’s heritage at all.