Robservations for June 18, 2020

18 Jun

The human race is an interesting study. Every single one of us is so different from any other one. That is definitely something worth studying a bit and also celebrating. We all think so differently than each other.

Unfortunately, another human trait is fear. Fear of being different, thinking differently, acting differently or even living differently.
But what are we actually afraid of? Terrified actually? We are afraid of being judged for not just nodding in agreement or falling in line with the general opinion. It is quite scary. But it is also kind of sad. We have learned to care so deeply about what others think of us that we will betray ourselves. I know that I have done it myself many, many times.

One of the problems with that is that sometimes (more often than you might think) your thoughts are just as valid as any and you are actually part of the majority. The silent majority that are also afraid to speak.

I have to admit that I hold many thoughts back when I write The Valley Peak. But I am doing my best to be honest about some of what I see out there and I hope that every once in a while we are all honest, at least with ourselves.