Robservations for June 4, 2020

4 Jun

The World is pretty divided these days. Not
just in the States or here in Canada, but
everywhere. It is hard to understand what
drives it all. Power and money at levels
that are way beyond any of us.

Most of the rules and laws being put into
place by certain governments have nothing
to do with controlling a virus and everything
to do with controlling the population.
That is very obvious by the randomness of
the rules.

A lot of things that the public are barely
aware of are happening in the background
while we are distracted with whatever is
hitting the news this week. And so much of
it is controlled, beyond our wildest imaginations.
Locally, I just like to see people getting
along and helping each other, regardless
of who they are, what they are doing or
where they are from. Some people waste a
bit of energy wishing people poorly but
when it comes down to it, most are still
there as kind, nice people.

Kindness, support and love are all needed
in these times. Do not waste energy judging
and worrying about others actions. Just
find your joy and help others find theirs.