Robservations for May 28, 2020

28 May

So I have had to rewrite this week’s Robservations.
I was going to tell you about
Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 and how a
lot of our current situation is all laid out in
there. But you can read about that elsewhere.
Instead I will remind you that it is so easy
for each of us to make a difference in the
lives of those around us. Watson makes
that pretty easy for me to do as he is not
shy socially. He loves to greet anyone
walking by our yard or anyone (or dog) we
meet on our walks.
I am not too shy in most situations so he
begins the greetings and I carry on the
conversation. Lately I have been focusing
on wishing people a nice day and that sort
of thing. You know, basic courtesy.
Today as a young boy rode away on his
scooter I overheard him say, “Mom, he told
us to have an incredible afternoon. That
was nice.” And I felt great. It was as good
as any accomplishment I have ever done.
It is that simple. A few kind words, a nice
gesture, a helping hand or just some good
listening to someone can change the energy
of their whole day. Instantly.
So even though one or two of you (if that)
may think a bit differently than I do, please
know that I still wish you an incredible day
that leads to a wonderful week.