Robservations for May 21, 2020

21 May

Hey folks, I apologize for the political nature of this issue of The Valley Peak. I will likely be getting shut down soon as I am not agreeing with all the propaganda put out by the mainstream media. Fear mongering at its best.

One of the more humorous things I hear repeatedly is that ‘deniers’ are not follow-ing the science. What science folks? A bunch of politicians making predictions based on brutally weak models with very little accuracy. Just a lot of fear. No actual facts are ever offered.

There are thousands of real scientists around the world who do not agree with what is happening. That is what science is, questioning and learning, not just regurgitating what the government-funded ‘scientists’ are putting out there.
There are a lot of very intelligent people out there that are being mocked by followers who never actually do any research, just do a lot of repeating.

Good luck out there everyone and remember that your beliefs and my beliefs are very different of each other but that is okay. And please don’t live your life worry-ing what others will think of you and your opinions.