Robservations for May 14, 2020

14 May

Every day is a struggle these days. I cannot figure out how our country is changing so rapidly and we are all just letting things happen.
Many people will not agree with what I think about a lot of things and that is okay. But someone needs to point out to the public a bit about what seems to be happening.

The food supply chain is worrying me. It is strange how the virus is taking down all these meat packing plants so specifically. So much for affordable Canadian meat in the stores; let’s buy meat from foreign countries.

Farmers are being decimated by the carbon tax and other regulations. More and more Canadian farms are shutting down. That will effect so much of our food supply. I have an idea. Let’s import more from elsewhere.

Pedophilia laws have been changed with sentences reduced and pedophiles are being released from prisons to ‘protect them’ from the virus. Nothing to protect us from them.

Millions and millions of unaccountable dollars are being given to large corporations and foreign governments while Canadians are struggling to pay bills (and taxes)..

And so much more corruption that never makes it to the government-controlled CBC.

I do not know how all this corruption is acceptable in any country, let alone the great country of Canada.