Robservations for May 7, 2020

7 May

In my opinion, and you do not have to agree, I see a lot of strange things happen-ing in today’s society. This virus thingy has a lot of people very scared. Sadly, many will actually be literally scared to death. But that is another topic.

What worries me is the social aspect of all of this. With all gatherings banned, how does a person get out and meet people. Humans need friendship, physical contact and love.

For more than 2 years now I have lived a life with a lot of social isolation and I know that it is not healthy. We all know that. People being afraid to shake hands or hug each other is not a good thing.

How will single people, like myself, survive? Are we doomed to live lonely, isolated existences for the rest of our lives? We are not supposed to even visit with family. Plus the bars are closed. That is crazy.

Many of our rights seem to be disappear-ing in the name of public safety but the actual numbers of this pandemic are show-ing it to be much less deadly than first put out there. But we all know the consequences of job losses and isolation will be deadly.